It’s been said, “we are the average of the 5 people we hang around”. If that’s true, then I think it would be a good idea to control who those people are. Obvious we can’t just get away from everyone, but we can control how much time is given to each. We should hang around people that are growth minded, success minded, have a positive outlook on life, and are really striving to better theirs and their families future. If we can, we should get around those people more often. If we can’t, initially in person, then hang out with them through the books you read and the audio you listen too. It’s about doing it on purpose. Doing life on purpose.


Spending more of a quantity of time and quality time with success minded people is a great idea. Of course, we don’t want to neglect our family in the process. The more we hang around success minded people and improve ourselves through purpose and intention, we’ll be able to influence our family too. As they see you growing and changing and when they start to see you be intentional and focused with your time with them, it will allow you to influence them in a positive way too. Like John Maxwell says, “Leadership is Influence. Nothing more, nothing less”. When we put ourselves in a place of being influenced by others through hanging around other success minded people, that mindset change gained by you will help to influence those that you come in contact with on a regular basis simply because you’re around them.



Why Should We Gather Together?


We gather together at these success meetups with people I like to call “future giants”. The purpose is to learn leadership skills, improve on our personal development, and gain a growth mindset. When we have a relationship with, the movers and the shakers, people moving forward with intention we gain new insight and perspectives in areas we may have never considered. Not to mention, when we rub shoulders with “future giants”, we start to change the average of those we hang out with to a number on the “success curve” instead of the “failure curve”. When we don’t purpose to move in a positive growth mindset direction, we’re automatically on the failure curve. So I encourage you to make the decision to be picky about who you give your time to and hang around the people that move you up the success curve and create synergy with them. Feed off their excitement and growth and generate some of your own for your future.



What is Creating Synergy [sin-er-jee]?


It’s the interaction and/or cooperation of two or more to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their own separate efforts.


Synergy is actually a systemic principle that explains how a team’s collective performance is not based solely on its member’s individual performances. Therefore, a team’s collective performance can be improved for the better and much faster than the total of our individual efforts. What we’re talking about is positive synergy versus negative synergy. Naturally, in this, we want to pursue the positive and avoid the negative.


Achieving and sustaining positive synergy can be a very complex initiative, but it starts with hanging around the right people. Of course, positive synergy depends also on good leadership and other ongoing processes of growth in each of us and that’s why we make it a consistent effort to maintain an energetic and positive environment in our meetups and encourage, what I like to call, I CAN – Improvement, Constant And Never-ending. We gather as a group and learn together in a small window of time on a weekly basis but the true nature and compounded effect of this synergy is the consistent effort of each of us outside the group on our own time of study and implementation.

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